Nothing like a nice cold one to wash down a hard day’s work! Join the PKWY Tavern TEAM: "Taphouse Exclusive Active Member" today and receive the best rewards in town! New membership includes a free TEAM t-shirt.

By downloading the PKWY Tavern TEAM App you will become one of the few brave souls to challenge their palates with the best beers from around the world. Our ever-changing beer list is complete with 250 beers stocked in house at all times.

The TEAM App allows PKWY Tavern to reward its exceptional customers - for each beer you drink points are rewarded.

TEAM Goals:

  • 50 Beers   $50 Wallet Credit
  • 100 Beers   Personalized Beer mug and a T.E.A.M. hat
  • 150 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 200 Beers   Sign unveiling and $200 in Wallet Credit
  • 250 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 300 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 350 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 400 Beers   Sign unveiling and $200 in Wallet Credit
  • 450 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 500 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 550 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 600 Beers   Sign unveiling and $200 in Wallet Credit
  • 650 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 700 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 750 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 800 Beers   Sign unveiling and $200 in Wallet Credit
  • 850 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 900 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 950 Beers   Mystery Item
  • 1000 Beers   There is no one on earth cooler than you! You have accomplished new heights and earned the “VIP Beer God Celebration” plus, your name will forever be enshrined on a Highway sign on the wall of PKWY!

Each time you achieve a level of beer dominance (200 unique beers logged) and receive a new street sign enshrinement, your beer calculator continues but you get to start fresh and can log beers you have already drank. All enshrined street signs will be hung inside of PKWY Tavern in honor of your accomplishments and...for you to bring your friends by to take pictures.

In addition to getting rewards for climbing the ladder of consumption, we also offer loyalty rewards for those who love drinking the same brand of beer. For every 10 of the same beer logged, you will receive 1 free.

Being a PKWY TEAM Member also enables you to get exclusive drink specials, access to members-only tastings, and much more.

Other past offers include:

  • • Complimentary tickets to Fantasy Sports Combine, Local Brews Local Grooves and Downtown Brew Festival
  • • Complimentary shuttle transportation to and from Downtown Brew Festival
  • • Free Breakfast for the entire month