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Beer Chess!

Beer Chess is chess played with beer as the pieces. Beer chess is the unification of the intellect with the inebriated. Beer chess is stimulating brain cells as you kill them. Beer chess was created during a weekend retreat at the McEnaney Estate in Jackman, Maine, thus making Jackman, Maine the Beer Chess capital of the universe.


Beer chess is played with beer, a lot of beer. One side uses Light Beer (white), the other side uses regular (black) of the same brands. (see list below) Our research and development team has concluded that one can expect a standard Beer Chess game to last up to five hours, assuming neither player passes out. Intermissions, however, may be declared on a bilateral basis.


As you may have realized, this game requires a big board. While beer chess boards are now commonplace in Jackman, in other places their availability is still limited.

Again, our R+D team has arrived at a clever solution: Bathroom tiles-large white bathroom tiles. Placed on a darker table at regular intervals, one can quickly construct a professional looking Beer Chess set. For and even cheaper board, cardboard coasters, available at most bars, serve as impromptu, portable boards.


White Black
8 pawns: Miller Light (12oz can) Miller Genuine Draft (12 oz Can)
2 Knights: Busch Light (12 oz Can) Busch (12 oz Cans)
2 Bishops: Coors Light (12 oz Can) Coors (12 oz Cans)
Queen: Michelob Light (Bottle) Michelob (Bottle)
King: Bud Light (Bottle) Budweiser (Bottle)


  • When one moves a piece, one must sip from the piece moved.
  • When one's piece is captured, one must drink the entire piece.
  • Castling requires two sips: one from the King, one from the Rook
  • En passent requires only one sip (as in a standard pawn move)
  • When one's pawn reaches the eighth rank, and is exchanged for a queen (or other piece), one's opponent must drink the remainder of the pawn.
  • Once a piece is sipped, that piece must be moved. (taking back moves is not allowed)
  • One may take as long as one wants to drink a captured piece, but the piece must be quickly consumed when a second piece is captured.
  • After each exchange of pieces, the players must toast each other's health with the exchanged pieces.
  • When one is put in check, one must sip from the King.
  • Passing out constitutes a resignation.
  • A player may not go the the bathroom before his move.
  • When one is checkmated, one must drink:
  • The remainder of one's King
  • The remainder of opponent's King
  • The remainder of one's pieces.


Take big sips out of pieces you expect to trade, when moving those pieces. This technique evenly distributes the amount of beer you will consume, and decreases the amount you will have to drink from that piece when it is traded or captured.

If you are a light drinker, avoid exchanges (especially if you are down a piece)

Avoid sacrificing pieces for position. A sacrifice will only force you to drink more. Remember, in this game, you can be beating your opponent, not only by the fact that you have a greater number of pieces left on the board, but also by the fact that you have a greater number of surviving brain cells left.


An adaption of the game Parchesi. If you already know how to play, it's just as easy. If you don't know, learn. Supplies: people how want to play Parchesi, the game itself, and some brew. Low-mid buzz factor.

Play the game as usual, if you get sent back, or cannot move, take a drink. It's that easy. Good with two players, each player taking two sets of pieces on opposite corners.


Another adaptation of board games, this one obviously to Backgammon. A pretty tame game, that just gets tamer. Supplies: you and a partner who wants to play Backgammon, the game itself, and some beverage. Low-mid buzz factor, depending on how fierce the competition is.

Play the game as usual. Any time one of your pieces gets sent to the bar, drink. As well, each time you take a piece off the board, drink again. Pretty straightforward.


An adaptation to the classic game of Monopoly, with a slight twist. Buzz factor is very high. Supplies: players, the game itself, and beer. The game is Monopoly, but no money is needed; players use beer instead. Each $100 = a drink (sip usually). The rules of money changing hands is a bit tricky. If a player owes money to the bank or another player, that player that owes drinks. If a player is owed money by the bank only (passing GO, for instance) that player must drink. (a variation is to have everyone ELSE drink when a player should collect money from the bank). All dollar values are rounded UP. (i.e. $2 for Baltic is still one drink). It's a social game, and extra rules should be added as needed. Buying property at the start of the game is the hardest part. But then again, imagine paying $2000 rent on Boardwalk with a hotel!

Chutes & Ladders

Go out and buy the childrens board game.

Modify the rules as such:

Whenever you go UP a latter, count the number of squares OVER and UP that you are propelled, and distribute that many drinks among your opponents. (eg. 4 over and 3 up---7 drinks: 2 to person A, 3 to B, 2 to C, for ex.).

Whenever you go DOWN a chute, count the number of squares OVER and DOWN that you are propelled, and drink that many YOURSELF. For computer geeks, just tell them to count the Hamming distance.

If, when you spin the 'spinner', and it comes up a tie (i.e. it doesn't land on a number, but the line in between), you must spin again, and take the number of drinks that is shown. Then proceed normally.

Trivial Pursuit

Equipment: Trivial Pursuit game, two or more people, and beer.

Basically, play goes as normal. The only new rule is that, if you get a regular question wrong, you (and your partner(s), if playing teams.) drink once. If you get it right, the player or team to your left drinks once. On the pie spaces, the same rule applies, only the number of drinks is five. When the game is won, the losing player(s)/ team(s) have to finish their drinks.

Beer Checkers

This is a favorite at Michigan Tech. You'll need plastic cups and a checker board with spaces the size of the cups. It's easiest to use part of a big cardboard box and cover it in clear contact paper so you won't have to make one again. The game is set up and played just like regular checkers, except that each person has cups filled half way with beer for their pieces. It's easiest if you use disposable cups and mark them with different colors.

If one of your men gets jumped, you slam the half beer in the cup and remove it from the board. If you get "kinged" you fill the cup up the rest of the way. If your king gets jumped, you slam the whole beer. When someone wins, the loser has to finish all the cups left on the board. If you play in teams, just divide the number of slams up, or rotate who finishes the beer.

For the weaker drinker shots of beer may be used instead of half beers. When you get kinged, make it a double shot.

Drinking Scrabble

This game is played with the board game Scrabble. Here are the rules:

Same regular rules apply. The person with the most letters goes first. For each word that a player forms they give out the point value of the word in drinks. This amount can be split up among the other players.

At the end of the game those people who have letters remaining take the total point values and drink them up.

Drunken Battleship

You need plenty of cold beers and also the Battleship board game. You place the ships where you want to and then you begin the game (same rules apply like misses, hits and sinks).

Here is how it works. The first player guesses where the opponents ship is. If they are wrong the person who guessed has to drink, if they were right and they have a hit, the other player has to drink.

You do this throughout the whole game (rarely putting down your beer). When you sink a person's ship they have to drink double of what you sunk. Therefore if you sunk their 5 ship they have to drink 10 drinks. By the time your finished you won't even be able to say "you sunk my battleship".

Drunken Sorry

Playing the board game "Sorry", each person has a drink of their choice. Every time a person draws a 1 or 2 to get out of their base, they drink 2. Then, if you draw an 11, to switch with an opponent, that person must drink 2. If someone is "Sorry-ed", then that person drinks 3. When a person gets to their home, everyone must drink 3.


For this you need the game Pictionary. Everytime you lose on an all play you have to take a shot. The shot is chosen by winners. If you do not roll the correct number at the end of the game, you have to do as many shots as the number you rolled. Losers have to do as many shots as the number of spaces that they lost by. This game is hilarious after the first round. HAVE FUN!!


The rules are pretty simple. Before you start to play you must label all the block with some sort of action. For example, you could write "Take a drink" or "Give a drink" on a block.

When you remove a block you must perform that action. If you are the person to knock the whole thing over the main unbreakable rule is to finish a beer.


This is a very exciting game to play. I must address that it would be wise to start this game sober. Although the rules are very simple, the drinks, depending on how bad you're losing or winning, add up pretty fast.

In case you never played before, it's real simple. Invite a friend -- you'll need him/her. Just follow the rules inside the game.

For each one of your pieces that get flipped over, or changed to the other color you have to take one drink. Example: If black, and you turn over 3 white pieces, the white player has to take 3 drinks.

If you happen to take a corner, your opponent must drink a 12-ounce beer. This is because it is impossible to change that piece & I prefer punishing the opponent. You can omit this one rule if you desire.

At any time during the game, if a player has no move, not only does he/she forfeit a turn, he/she must finish the beer. If neither player has a move, well, just finish your beer. The game is over -- move to the end of the game.

At the end of the game, each player must take one drink for each piece their OPPONENT has left on the board. Example: the WINNER has 24 pieces & the LOSER has 8, the WINNER takes 8 drinks only, but the LOSER is pretty much screwed.

Slurred Scattergories

You will need the game Scattergories to play this game. It is best when played with 4 or more people. The object is -- after each list is finished (12 lists in all) the person with the highest number of points does not have to drink, while the "losers" (winners in reality) have to take as many sips as they lost by. Thus, if the winner had 9 points and you had 5, you take 4 sips.

We've played this game with beer as well as mixed drinks, but shots could be substituted by having everyone except the winner take a shot after each list. This game always sparks good conversation and dumb answers get more and more funny as the game goes along.


We've all played the game trouble! You know, the game with the dice in a bubble in the of a game board? The rules go as follows:

1 Drink everytime:

  • - You get jumped
  • - You can't play
  • - Every time one of your pieces reaches safe

Drink the number on the dice when:

  • - You get a six
  • - While waiting to get out of home

When a player pops a 1, everyone has to raise their hand, the last person has to pop the dice and drink the number.

The winner at the end of the game gets to punch the bubble, and what ever number is popped, the losers have to drink! Not a real alcholic game, but hey, we made it 'cause we had no cards or dice, and we were just bored as hell!

Hungry Hungry Hippo

This game is to be played along with the board game "Hungry, Hungry Hippos". It is pretty simple. The person with most marbles at the end of the game gets to give that many drinks out. He/she may divide them among the other players.

Drunken Operation

This game is a whole lot of fun well after you've already hit the bottle! Just get out your old game of Operation. Play the game by its normal rules, but instead of playing with money, you play with drinks. For example, your job is to remove the silly bone for $400. If you do it, you pass out four drinks to other players. If you mess up and set off the patient's nose, then you drink the 4 drinks. It's a ton of laughs to learn just how uncoordinated you become as the night goes on.

Crocodile Dentist

This game is played along with the game "Crocodile Dentist". First, form a circle of players. Someone begins by pushing one of the Croc's teeth down. If a tooth is pushed down without the croc snapping your hand, you can give out one drink to any other player.

Pass the crock around. For every turn, the player pushing the tooth can distribute as many drinks as there are depressed teeth. If the croc snaps your hand, you have to drink the amount of depressed teeth yourself. If the croc snaps your hand on the first tooth pushed, or there is only one tooth left standing for your turn, you can either drink for every tooth in the croc's mouth, or do a shot (depending on house rules).

Drink & Strip Twister

You need a twister board and spinner, shotglasses, and somethin to take shots of. Vodka is my personal favorite.

The game begins and you play twister the way you played when you were 8...until someone falls. They take a shot of whatever and take off a piece of clothing. Play continues until someone either passes out (and loses) or is butt naked(and loses).

The winner is the last person with clothes on or still able to walk